Having an everyday family emergency plan.

Having a family emergency plan is important.  I recommend sitting down with your family and making a plan for everyday life.

My daughter is in high school and we have made a plan for her in case of a natural or man-made disaster, as well as the unfortunate reality of potential threats at her school.  She has a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th location that she is to get to in case of any emergency.  She knows that she is to stay at one of these locations as long as it is safe until I arrive to get her.  We have gone over how long it would take me to drive, bike, and walk to these four meeting spots so she is aware of the time that it may take for me to arrive.

We discuss these meeting spots on a regular basis so that she knows what she needs to do.  It is important that she have a plan to alleviate any confusion if she ever found herself in a situation and it is comforting to her that she knows that I will be able to find her if there is a loss of communication.

My four year old attends a home daycare.  There is an open discussion with his sitter about the actions and the plan if there was a natural or man-made disaster.  We are clear about the steps and knowing that we both understand our plan of action if comforting for both me and the sitter.

Having a plan with your children and loved ones will help provide some clarity during a potentially hectic and chaotic time.

Mombies- Dory

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