Why I decided to get prepared.

I haven’t always been aware of the reasons to be prepared for an emergency.  In fact, about 2 years ago I would have probably thought my present self is a loon.  However, over the past two years I have come to realize something, that having a simple preparedness plan with my family, a go bag and some reasonable food, water and gasoline storage at home is a really good idea.  I mean just look around at our country and our world and you will see all of the things going on.  So ask yourself, as I did, “could it happen to me?, could it happen where I live?”  the answer to both of those questions is probably a YES, or at least it should be a YES.

I live in a region of the country that doesn’t have much in the way of natural disasters.  I mean we have the occasional Haboob that rolls into town and coats us with a fresh coat of dirt, we have excessive heat in the summer (its a good things we have more HVAC technicians than the rest of the country combined), and we are way over due for our 100 year flood.  But lets be real, we don’t have too much to worry about right?  Well, it depends upon how you look at it.  We have a nuclear station just outside our city limits, we have a major Air Force base in our city limits, we share one of the most crime ridden borders and we have a sprawling city with millions of people residing in it………. we are a prime target for a terrorist attack.

We, like all States should be aware of disruptions to energy and information technologies.  We rely on electricity to keep us cool during the extreme heat of the summer months, we rely on gasoline as we have a minimal mass transit system and we love to drive our vehicles, we rely on our cell phones, tablets and computers to receive and disperse information to our families and friends.  We are truly a disaster waiting to happen.

So what do you do???? you can live in worry and fear and allow the unknown and uncertainty to eat at you, you can become an extreme prepper and let the paranoia make you a loon, you can ignore all the warning signs and live in oblivion or you can simply educate yourself of the potential threats in your region, prepare and find comfort in knowing that in the worst case scenario, at least you will have a plan, have a go bag and have some reasonable food, water and gasoline storage at your home.

Mombies-  Dory




2 thoughts on “Why I decided to get prepared.

    • Thank you Justin.

      What I found when I was starting my journey is that there is a lot of information out there, too much information, which can make someone who is just looking and starting to learn about the necessity completely overwhelmed. What I also found is that there are a lot of 72 hour type bags that are very generic and not of great quality and would need to have many items added to make it something that would get you further than just minimal food and water for 72 hours. On the other hand, there is the extreme which I and many other people are not and can cause too much fear and panic and deter people from staying on the logical course of preparedness.

      I guess my advice to a beginner is to of course check out mombiesbags.com as I offer simplified preparedness bags and will help reduce the time and money spent on researching thousands of website and stores for quality products and detailing which products are most needed, and I also recommend checking into a meetup group in your area to see if there are any practical prepping groups. These groups can be a valuable resource in learning about basic preparedness.

      I believe however that the first step in the prepping journey is to develop a plan with your family to decide what your families needs are in the case of an emergency

      – Dory

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