Go Bags, Bug Out Bags, Emergency Evacuation Bags, Survival Bags……………

In life we prepare, we prepare for our work day with our purse and lunch bag, we prepare to leave the house with our children with a baby bag, diaper bag or bag of goodies for the road, we prepare when we go to a sport event or to the play ground with our kids, we prepare when we go to visit family or friends. Life is all about preparation.

Preparing for every day life comes natural and without hesitation, preparing for the unexpected, preparing for the worst, preparing for disaster is sometimes much harder to get yourself to do. In life it is much easier to prepare for the good times, the fun times, the memorable times than it is to prepare for the bad times, the sad times and the horrific times. The times that we most need to be prepared for, we do not because the fear of addressing that bad things can happen is hard. I mean who wants to think that bad things could happen to your family and yourself? Who wants to even allow those thoughts to cross your mind?

But…… if you allow yourself to address these fears straight on, and prepare for them, if it ever happened, imagine how much easier it would be to overcome. Imagine if you had the essentials to pick yourself back up and move forward, imagine if you had a way to take care of yourself and your family until help arrived. Imagine if you made sure to have the essentials, the peace of mind you would have to know that you are prepared.



There are many names for a ready to go bag, call it what you will, but have one ready to go.