About Mombies

Helping MOMS BE Ready!

When there is no time to pack, Mombies will give you peace of mind.

I created the Mombies bag after researching other survival bags when I

realized that I was not prepared for any unexpected events that could displace my family from the comfort of our home. What I came to find out is that pre-made survival bags are not outfitted for a woman and most definitely not for a mom. I spent over a year working with my friends and family, survival experts and even a few survival extremists to learn about the basic essentials that would be needed and I adapted what I have learned to come up with the MOMBIES BAG.

Mombies is a combination of unique products made for women that were chosen with much care and creativity and always keeping real life situations in mind for all the products that I have selected. Every product in the Mombies Bag was chosen based on the ease of use, understanding, and always keeping in mind that these products may have to be used while you are taking care of your child or children. The thought of my 4-year-old climbing on me trying to start a fire or my teenage daughter whining while I put up a shelter, as well as the “I’m hungry” were important steps in selecting the best products for the worse-case scenario.

We live in a strange world where on any given day there is a natural disaster that affects hundreds if not thousands of people. What I imagine runs through every womans mind is “what do I need and what do I take……?” Mombies has taken the guesswork and the fear out of being unprepared. If the unexpected happens, Mombies Bags will provide you with the essential tools to survive on your own, which will allow you to focus on the next step, instead of panic.

Mombies bags will bring you peace of mind, when you have no time to pack, grab your Mombies bag and go.

Helping moms be ready- MOMBIES


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